About Our Sample Packs

Why not try our “Sample Pack”?


  • Not Sure What Fragrance to Choose?
  • Not Sure if the Candles are as good as they are described?
  • Not Sure if the Fragrance is actually going to last while burning the Candle?
  • Not Sure if the Candle works at all?

Why not try our “Sample Pack”? This way you can try the quality and endurance of our beautifully Scented Natural Soy Candles, before deciding on exactly what fragrances and sizes of candles you would like to settle on.

In our “Sample Pack” you will receive 6 mystery Fragrances for $34.90 (plus postage).  Once you receive the “Sample Pack” have a test of each of them to get an idea of how the candles will smell burning (from first light to last) and how long they will burn for.  The proof is in the pudding, once you’ve tried our Naturally Scented Soy Candle “Sample Pack” you’ll be back to try all the other fragrances on our website.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy…our “Sample Pack” of candles…

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