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Hi have very sensitive skin and an aversion to almost everything that is scented. That was until I found Scented Naturally. I love ALL of the products that are made here. My skin no longer gets red and itchy when I moisturise or cleanse. I never get itchy eyes or sneeze when I burn these beautiful candles – no matter what scent I choose. Thankyou, Sue, for lovingly making these beautiful products!

Having very sensitive skin i found it hard to find a nice smelling product that i could use in the bath, that was untill sue suggested that i use the fizzy goats powder. BEST PRODUCT i have ever used. no skin reactions and it has left my skin super soft. a great store and a fantastic owner. thanks sue

Hi Sue

My daughters and i had a party a while ago and fell in love with your candles. We wanted to have another party to find you were always book so far in advance.

Wow i found you have a shop i am very happy and on my way today. Your candles are amazing and i have never come across any other that is as good.

Thank You cant wait to get there Debra

Mill Park

I got them this morning. All in good condition. Your candles r really beautiful, not only scent but also wax quality.

cant exsist without your candles thanks god i found you HAPPY NEW YEAR love ANKA


Absolutely love them. They are one of the best candles I have purchased. I have tried different candles from all over the world…and Sue makes the best ones so far. She is also very helpful and patient with customers like me who are buying them from overseas. Thank you for your time and also for making such wonderful candles. I am going to order my next batch soon.


These candles are so beautifully fragranced and made with passion. I originally had the Vanilla Oak given to me for a present and now am addicted to all of the lovey smells! The fragrance stays in the room when the candle is not even burning, and smells great on the skin as a perfume. Will only buy these candles from now on. The quality and the smells are so much nicer and last longer than any candle I have ever bought. No more buying candles from Dusk, only these candles! Well done Sue!


I love burning candles I’ve been burning for at least 10 years, I spend a lot of money in places like Dusk, But no more since using these candles. There is such a large range with a scent that you can actually smell and to top it off its natural. I only shop from here, I really get my moneys worth.


I Love them !! I am thrilled with your gorgeous candles Sue, not only are they exquisitly fragranced when burning, they smell yummy when they are not in use.

So many times I have been disappointed with other products, but not with Scented Naturally Candles. The Baby Powder is soooo yummy it smell exactly like baby powder, and the chocolate, my god its devine.

I will never buy any other candles expect Scented Naturally, Im off to order me some more !!

Thanks so much Sue !!


I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight in discovering your beautiful Soy Wax Candles. For many years I have been using incense sticks to create a fragrance in my home but have now become a huge fan of your deliciously scented candles. Apart from creating a wonderful ambience the candles are remarkably fragrant, more so than any commercially manufactured variety. I have from time to time bought scented candles believing they smell nice but sadly discovered that when you burn them they do not emit hardly any fragrance. Your candles release a continuous fragrance while being burned and burn for a longer period than any candle I have bought. I have had family and friends absolutely thrilled when they have received your soy candles as gifts. Most have called me up and want to know where I bought them! It’s also lovely to know that they are biodegradable and made from renewable sources. Thanks for the wonderful experience.


Dear “CANDLES HAVEN” shop, I search and I search for a long time and when I walked into your shop I knew my search for perfect candles was over. Yours is a candles haven gift shop for all occassions – Happy – Sad and all in between. When I lit my first candle from you (a gift from someone special) I was as they say “in scent haven”. My looking for gifts days are over, I know where to go. Thank you for being there.


Without doubt these are the best smelling candles I have ever purchased! It is very obvious that an enormous amount of passion has gone into the wonderful detail and aromas of these hand made candles. My house smells wonderful for hours after the candles have been burning, I love being at home! Can’t wait to get the next shipment of wonderful smells, keep up the great work!!


Thank you Scented Naturally for introducing me to so many wonderful aromas, I have tried a range of your scented candles and have loved the fruity, floral, musk and wood varieties (especially the Exotic Woods and the Egyptian Sandalwood ones) and can’t wait to try your Vanilla Spice and Lavender Rose ones, and and and.. With such a wonderful range to choose from you totally spoil us for choice!

I choose a candle for the day (it’s a mood thing you know) and as I sit at my desk working the soothing scent helps me enjoy my day even more, when I am feeling a bit stressed I just take in the lovely smell and relax, it has certainly become part of my daily ritual and I surprise myself as I walk in the door from going shopping how I can’t wait to light my candle of the day and chase those shopping blues away.

I used to walk past scented candle shops holding my nose, but when the opportunity arose to try a petroleum-free candle I took a chance and I’m so glad I did.

Happy candle making! From the happy candle sniffer.

Oh, and P.S. I would also like to thank you for your prompt and reliable delivery of my eagerly awaited package :)